WordPress 4.6 is coming soon!


WordPress 4.6 is due to be released very soon – here’s a quick look at what you can expect.

Streamlined Updates

Inline Updates replaces progress updates with a simpler and more straight forward experience when installing, updating, and deleting plugins and themes.

Native Fonts

WordPress 4.6 Native Fonts

The WordPress dashboard now uses the fonts that come with your device, allowing it to load faster and feel more like a native application.

Editor Improvements

Broken Link Checker

WordPress 4.6 Broken Link Checker

Links are the foundation of the Internet: when they break, so does the web. Now when you edit a post, you instantly see when a link you add is broken.

Simplified Disaster Recovery

WordPress 4.6 Simplified Disaster Recovery

As you type, WordPress saves your content to the browser. Recovering saved content is even easier with WordPress 4.6.

Under the Hood

Performance Everywhere

A brand new technology is going to boost your site’s performance. Resource hints allow browsers to perform background tasks, WordPress 4.6 adds them automatically for your styles and scripts.

Robust Requests

The HTTP API now leverages the Requests library, improving HTTP standard support and adding case-insensitive headers, parallel HTTP requests, and support for Internationalized Domain Names.

WP_Term_Query and WP_Post_Type

A new WP_Term_Query class adds flexibility to query term information and a new WP_Post_Type object makes interacting with post types more predictable and intuitive in code.

Meta Registration API

The Meta Registration API has been expanded to support types, descriptions, and REST API visibility.

Timely Translations

Preference is now given to community translations for plugins and themes served from WordPress.org which allows WordPress to load them just-in-time.

JavaScript Library Updates

Masonry 3.3.2, imagesLoaded 3.2.0, MediaElement.js 2.22.0, TinyMCE 4.4.1, and Backbone.js 1.3.3 are bundled.

Customizer APIs for Setting Validation and Notifications

Settings now have an API for enforcing validation constraints. Likewise Customizer controls now support notifications which are used to display validation errors instead of failing silently.

Multisite, now faster than ever

Cached and comprehensive site queries improve your multisite admin experience. Also, WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query make crafting robust queries simpler.

When can I get WordPress 4.6?

WordPress 4.6 is currently at the release candidate stage, which means the authors think that every kink is ironed out but they’re still doing further testing just to be sure. Its target release date is 16 August 2016. You’ll be able to update from your WordPress dashboard – as always, make sure you back up your database before you update.