WordPress 4.8 expected to be released early next month

New widgets in WordPress 4.8

The latest version of our favourite content management system, WordPress 4.8, is expected to be released early next month. This new version is branded “an update with you in mind” and features new widgets for images, audio and video as well as an updated text widget; improvements for link boundaries in the text editor; notifications of nearby WordPress events; and plenty of developer stuff under the bonnet.

New widgets

Previously, if you wanted to add anything from the media library in a sidebar you required a third party plugin. Not anymore! WordPress 4.8 adds three brand new widgets – Image Widget, Audio Widget, Video Widget. Select images audio or video from the media library and display them in a sidebar or widget area.

The updated text widget now has the familiar WordPress text editor, allowing users to format text add links without having any HTML knowledge. Frankly, why this wasn’t already the case is a mystery to us – but it is now.

Link boundaries

When updating a link or the text around a link, sometimes it wouldn’t seem to edit correctly – your new text also ends up linked, or when you try to add more words to a link but they end up outside the link. This new feature streamlines that process.

Nearby WordPress events

Did you know that WordPress has a thriving offline community with groups meeting regularly in more than 400 cities around the world?

Being part of the community can help you improve your WordPress skills and network with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Now you can easily find your local events just by logging in to your dashboard.

Developer Goodies

There’s plenty for developers to play with too:

  • More Accessible Admin Panel Headings
  • Removal of Core Support for WMV and WMA Files
  • Multisite Updates
  • Text-Editor JavaScript API
  • Media Widgets API
  • Customiser Width Variable

When can I get WordPress 4.8?

WordPress 4.8 will be available for update in your WordPress dashboard from 8th June 2017. We’ve been playing with a beta version for a while to make sure stuff we’ve built works with 4.8.

If you are a design client with a bespoke theme or plugin, please don’t update yet. We’ll do it for you once we’ve tested compability with your theme or plugin – like we said, we’ve made a start but there are still a load to check yet. We’ll also take a full backup of your site before updating, just in case anything goes wrong. It may take a few days to get your site updated – don’t worry about that, we’re on it.