McGregor Media now offering HTTP/2 for hosting clients on Server 4


McGregor Media is proud to announce that clients with hosting accounts on Server 4 can now benefit from faster website access times with HTTP/2.

What is HTTP?

Here comes the science! The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) governs the connection between a server and the site visitor’s web browser. The current version, HTTP/1.1, was introduced in 1999. Websites today are very different to those in 1999 and as such have very different requirements. The amount of data now required to load the home page of an average website is 1.9 MB, with over 100 individual resources required to display a page — a resource being anything from an image or a font to a JavaScript or CSS file. With HTTP/1.1, each resource needs a separate HTTP request to the server, sent one at a time and in no particular order. HTTP/1.1 does not perform well when retrieving a large number of resources.

So what’s new?

The new HTTP/2 specification allows multiple concurrent requests across a single connection, known as multiplexing. It also allows a site to specify which resources to serve first, so the resources required to display the home page can be prioritised over a JavaScript file that only appears on certain pages.

The server can now also push resources to a web browser before they’re required.

My site is on Server 1! Can I get HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is not available on Server 1.

Recently we started making preparations to move Server 1 clients to Server 4 as Server 1 wasn’t able to offer free SSL certificates. Server 1 was subsequently updated to allow this and we abandoned the proposed move. However, we are going restart these preparations – as well as consolidating all our clients on one server, we’ll be able to offer the same functionality to everyone.

Server 1 clients will need to make a small change in their domain control panels and we’ll be in contact with affected clients very soon.

Anything else?

Although HTTP/2 does not require a secure connection via SSL (which is included as standard on all McGregor Media web hosting packages), supported browers do require it. Any websites without a valid SSL certificate on a HTTP/2-capable server will fall back on HTTP/1.1, as will any unsupported browser – backwards compatibility has been very important in the development of HTTP/2.

HTTP/2 is supported in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer (Windows 10 only), Safari (OSX 10.11+ only), Opera, iOS Safari, Android browser, Chrome for Android.

You can test if any site is served over HTTP/2 at

If you have any questions, just give us a shout.


Original image by Juskteez Vu on Unsplash