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Anne Davies Audiology Courses

Anne Davies Audiology Courses

Anne Davies is a nationally-acclaimed audiology expert who runs courses aimed at fellow medical professionals. As her courses gained popularity, she required a website to allow her clients to book without her having to constantly be taking bookings over the phone.


The site uses WooCommerce for its e-commerce functions with Registrations for WooCommerce to extend functionality to include booking. This is further extended by a custom plugin by McGregor Media Web Design that customises the information that course registrants must provide, such as job titles and food allergies.

The site’s visuals were based on the flat design paradigm and inspired by an image by her brand designers featuring different faces.

Anne Davies Audiology Courses faces image

The sale procedure has been customised to display a progress bar depicting what stage of the transaction the customer is at.

Because a lot of Anne’s clients use purchase orders to pay for courses like this, we also extended the payment gateways to provide an option for that. We forked the native offline payment option and added custom text fields for PO number, address to invoice etc.

This plugin was further developed to allow more customisation and released on the WordPress plugin repository as Purchase Orders for WooCommerce.

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