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How to set up your email

If you have a hosting account with McGregor Media Web Design, you can set up email accounts such as [email protected] This gives your visitors and customers an impression of professionalism and instils more confidence from your customer than using a Hotmail or Gmail email address, or one supplied by your Internet Service Provider.

You can set up your email on as many devices as you require – desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile. The settings you’ll need are listed below. These settings only cover McGregor MediaWeb Design hosting clients – if we built your website but it’s hosted elsewhere, you’ll need to ask your host for their settings.


Your email program/app will ask for your name – this is the name that will show as “from” in outgoing mail. It may also ask you to name the account you’re setting up. This is for your reference if you have more than one email account set up on a particular device.

Some devices use different names for settings, such as secure connection/SSL.

Replace “your-domain.co.uk” with your actual domain

Incoming mail

UsernameYour email address
PasswordThe password you set up or were supplied with
Incoming mail servermail.your-domain.co.uk
Port number993
SSL/Secure connectionOn

Outgoing mail

UsernameYour email address
PasswordThe password you set up or were supplied with
Outgoing mail servermail.your-domain.co.uk
Port number465
Outgoing mail requires authenticationYes
SSL/Secure connectionOn


You can also view your email online from any web browser on any device. Just go to webmail.your-domain.co.uk (Replace “your-domain.co.uk” with your actual domain) and login with your email address and email password.

For more information abut webmail, see the cPanel documentation.