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Fees and Payments

Design fees marked * are listed as a guideline only. Client projects will have individual quotes tailored to the project scope. All listed fees are subject to change.


WordPress Websites 
WordPress website with bespoke theme£1500 – £5000*
WordPress e-commerce website with bespoke theme£2000 – £10000*
WordPress website with bespoke developmentPOA
WordPress Configuration 
Install and configure WordPress website and off-the-shelf theme. Theme cost not included.£750
Install and configure WordPress e-commerce website and off-the-shelf theme. Includes adding up to 20 products. Theme cost not included.£1000
WordPress Maintenance 
Standard maintenance charge£60 per hour or part thereof
Emergency maintenance charge due to client’s editing of core files or altering hosting settings£250 per hour or part thereof
Other fees 
WordPress development£60 per hour or part thereof
WordPress training£75 per hour or part thereof
Reopening abandoned project£250
Web hosting£180 – £300 per year
Restoring cancelled web hosting after paragraph 2.2.3 of the web hosting terms and conditions has been enacted£60

Payment schedule

Web design fees are payable as follows:

  • 50% of the total estimated amount is payable on signing our web design contract.
  • The remaining balance, including any sums added or subtracted from the original estimate is payable before the site is launched.
  • For any project where the quote is under £500, 100% of the total estimated amount is payable on signing our contract.

For design projects where we are also providing web hosting, hosting is payable on signing the contract but your actual hosting term will not begin until your site is launched.

Abandoned projects

If at any any point during the contracted project it takes more than 30 days to receive the content or feedback we’ve requested, we’ll consider the project abandoned and we’ll invoice for the work completed up to that point.

If a client subsequently returns to the project, there is a charge (listed in the table above) for us to reopen the project and adjust schedules.


Please note that payment is by electronic means only. We do not accept cash or cheques.

  • Debit or credit card
  • PayPal: [email protected]
  • Direct debit: contact us for details
  • Bank transfer: contact us for details

Late payments

We’re a small business like many of our clients. We rely on clients paying us on time so we can pay our suppliers on time. We understand that sometimes things are tight especially when starting a business, which is usually when we’d be doing work for you. Nobody likes talking about this but we need to make things plain.

If you don’t pay us on time, in the first instance we’ll take one or more of the following actions:

  • Suspend any ongoing work that we’re doing for you
  • Replace, modify or remove the website that your contract relates to and revoke your licence to use it

If after 30 days payment has not been made, we may add interest to the outstanding amount at a rate of 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for business to business transactions. We may also charge for recovering a late payment. This charge, set by late payment legislation, is currently £40 for debts of up to £999.99, £70 for debts of £1,000 to £9,999.99, or £100 for debts over £10,000.

Terms and conditions

Please see our web design terms and conditions and web hosting terms and conditions for more information.

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